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The use of soundproof material to insulate medical equipment and equipment for patient care is on the rise.

Many hospitals are replacing air-conditioning units and other equipment that uses fans or other external fans.

But the latest evidence suggests that soundproof materials are not the solution.

In a study published last year in the journal Occupational and Environmental Medicine, researchers compared the performance of materials with and without soundproofing on the performance and health of medical equipment.

Researchers found that the materials did not improve the health or performance of medical devices or equipment.

The researchers suggest that sound protection may be best applied to other materials.

The study also suggests that it may be beneficial to use soundproof insulation materials in the event of an emergency.

“Soundproofing may provide protection against potential injury or damage, but in the short term it may cause additional health concerns for people with hearing loss and other hearing impairment,” the researchers wrote.

The research was done by researchers from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Occupational Health and Safety Laboratory (OHSL), and the Department.

The article was co-authored by Katherine Koehn, a postdoctoral researcher at the HHS OHSL and the University of Washington.