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You might think that the first step in creating an Instagram GIF is just using the Instagram’s standard API to create a GIF.

Not so, says David Eichenbaum, who has been using Instagram’s GIF API since 2013 and created a custom GIF tool for developers to work with in 2016.

Eichenba explains that when you create a custom-designed GIF, the first thing you should do is check for the Instagram API key, which is a number that the Instagram app sends to you once you create your GIF.

After that, Eichenbach explains that you’ll need to check a few parameters in order to create the GIF.

You should also use the Instagram APIs GIF viewer, and then you can create the first GIF in the Instagrams API.

When you have the GIF viewer open, you can choose to create or edit a GIF with a specific width, height, rotation and rotation direction.

Eichmann also says that the GIF creator can add custom elements to your GIF to help it stand out from other GIFs created by other apps on Instagram.

“If you’re making a GIF for a Facebook event, or if you want to make something funny and then add some text to it, you need to make sure the text is there,” he says.

When creating a GIF, it’s important to keep in mind that Instagram uses its API to generate GIFs for you.

This means that the API only works if you have Instagram installed on your computer, so you’ll have to be sure to download and install the latest version of the app.

For developers who want to create custom GIFs, Eichman explains that it’s not the best idea to use a simple tool like the Instagram GIF viewer to create your own GIFs.

Instead, Eischbaum suggests using a custom tool that has the Instagram tools built-in, like Adobe Illustrator.

“That way, you’re not limited to just a couple of basic shapes,” he adds.

For more advice on how to create GIFs on Instagram, check out this handy guide from Eichenbauer.