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Posted September 24, 2018 09:11:59 In recent years, a boom in construction and real estate construction in New York City has seen many people and their families move into homes that were previously affordable and that have become even more expensive due to the city’s high cost of living.

However, the housing boom also brought with it a boom for the construction and materials industry.

The housing boom has resulted in a number of construction sites being built that cost thousands of dollars per square foot.

As the cost of housing and realtors have gone up, so has the cost for building and installing construction materials.

The New York Post reported last year that realtions for building materials have increased by 10 percent in the past year, with materials such as concrete, wood, and steel costing more than $2 million per square yard.

“There’s always this notion that the market is going to drive up the prices of construction materials,” said John Aitken, managing director of New York-based engineering and construction consulting firm Aitkens Architecture and Design.

“But if you look at a lot of the properties that are being built in New Yorks, most of the houses are being sold as one- and two-bedroom apartments.

So a lot are being used for single-family homes and condos.

They’re often for people who have a small income and can afford a one-bedroom apartment.”

Aitkins’ firm estimates that in the city, about 40 percent of all construction materials in use are for single and two bedroom apartments.

He said there is a lot more than just one-and-two bedroom apartments and condos being built.

“What you see is a very big boom in multifamily housing and multifamily construction,” he said.

In recent months, there have been several developments in the construction industry that have been built in neighborhoods that are already overpriced.

For example, the site of the first phase of a major new residential development in New Jersey, the $3.5 billion New Jersey Transit Center, is slated to be built on the corner of West 38th Street and East 26th Avenue.

It will house about 700 apartments.

However it has been a project with a long-term economic impact that has caused some real estate developers to consider making the project more expensive.

“When we went to the project, it was very close to a five-year cost and the city had already gone over their cost cap and it was not the case that we were going to be able to meet that,” said David Krasner, managing partner of Krasners Architects and Construction.

“So we decided to increase the cost from the previous five years and it had to be in an area where we were already over the cap.”

“The city’s over the budget and they’re not able to make up the difference, so we’re trying to bring the project up to that level,” said Krasning.

The cost of the $2.7 million project is expected to be $2 billion over its five-years.

The project will be the first major new housing development in the area.

Developers are hoping to sell the development as a mixed-income development, with about 600 units in the first phases.

A developer has been working on the project for about two years.

But a number have raised concerns about the project’s cost, including the fact that it will be built as a two-story condo and not a two bedroom, as the developer had been planning.

“We believe that the development is a good opportunity for our client to get back to the neighborhood where they are originally located and the area that they grew up in,” said Chris Hausman, general manager of New Jersey-based developer Hausmans Realty.

He believes that the developer has a better idea of how much of the project will cost.

“The real estate company did a very good job putting together a list of projects that were on the market at that time and we’re excited to be building this project as a multi-family project,” said Hausmen.

In addition to a cost increase, some realtings have raised questions about the building materials being used.

In October, the developer of the site, Westlake Realty, filed a complaint with the Department of Buildings alleging that the construction of the condominium unit was being performed by a company that has been using chemicals that are known to cause serious health issues.

In a letter to the department, the company alleged that the company’s chemicals have been used in construction of buildings in the region for more than two decades, and that it has tested the materials in the building for carcinogens.

However the building company is also saying that its chemical use is only used for construction and that the building has not been built with chemicals.

In response to the complaint, the building owner told NBC News that the complaint was “ridiculous.”

“Our construction materials are not hazardous or hazardous at all,” the company