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Bungie’s second game in the “Destiny” series will be the sequel to its first, “Destined,” developer Bungie has announced.

The studio’s announcement, posted to Twitter late Wednesday night, will be followed by a blog post from the company.

The blog post describes a “new and expanded” Destiny 2, which will include an online component and be “further developed” by the studio.

Bungie previously confirmed the studio’s next game would be the third game in its “Destinies” series, “The Darkness.”

In “Destination: Stories,” the first “Destine” game, players ventured to “The Void” to save a group of humans, then were brought back to Earth, and the story of the “Darkside” is told.

The new game, “Shattered,” will feature “new stories and characters” and “an enhanced, more immersive experience,” according to Bungie.

The company did not reveal a release date or price.

“Shattered” was announced in June 2016 and released in November of the same year.