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A man who helped develop the national building codes that govern buildings around the world was sentenced Tuesday to two years in prison.

Karen Marie Matteria, 69, pleaded guilty to illegally entering a building using her husband’s work as a model.

The former employee was sentenced to a year in prison in January for violating the building code.

Matteria worked for the National Building and Fire Safety Administration for more than two decades.

She pleaded guilty last year.

The guilty plea means she must serve the remainder of her sentence in a correctional facility.

Mattery pleaded guilty after a trial last year to a charge of conspiracy to commit criminal mischief and tampering with or damaging property.

Her husband was also convicted of conspiracy.

In November, Matteria pleaded guilty in Ottawa to the same charges.

She was sentenced last week to two-and-a-half years in jail.

She will have to serve at least a year behind bars before she is eligible for parole.

The sentencing is scheduled for May.