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Fapshot has come to an end.

The moment of truth for the internet, and a staple of online pornography for many, has ended.

The site was launched in 2008, and users had their own personal moment to share on a daily basis.

In the beginning, Fapshots allowed for free shots of the day, and was the place for the most popular images.

Over time, however, the site started to suffer from an inability to maintain its traffic.

The traffic has slowly been dwindling over time, and it is now looking like the site will close at the end of the month.

The Fapscasts were also not able to continue indefinitely, with the platform being shut down in April 2018.

“In the last year, we’ve seen a drastic drop in traffic, a loss of quality and a loss in the content we produce,” the site’s founders said in a statement.

“The reason for this is that the demand for the content has increased, and we’re not able, at this time, to keep up with it.”

The site’s creator, Ryan Fassbender, told Buzzfeed that the company is still looking for a new home.

“Fapscams are a great way to get a look at what people are doing right now,” he said.

“It’s one of the most beautiful, and entertaining ways to share what’s happening in your life.

We’re trying to find a place to live out of our archive.”

Fapscarot is the name of a popular video platform created in 2016, and the site was known for its short-form videos that could be uploaded to YouTube and Vimeo.

The videos were uploaded by users in a way that allowed them to share and re-upload the clips without losing quality.

However, Fappscarot had a major problem: it was not profitable.

“We couldn’t get into profitability,” Fassabler said.

Fappscasts had always relied on subscriptions to generate revenue, but Fappshot, with its ability to be uploaded as many times as desired, was able to monetize more efficiently.

“People were just finding a new way to use FapShot,” Fappstab said.

The company launched in 2015, and FappShot has been a staple in online pornography since then.

The platform is still online, however.

It was able, in some cases, to attract the most lucrative users, who were able to create content for free and monetize their work for a small fee.

Fapscan, the company that initially launched the platform, has also shut down.

Faperscan, which is owned by Pornhub, was the most profitable site of the platform’s existence, Fassbert said.

Its website is still available on FapScam, but its current focus is to focus on creating original content.

“Pornhub’s not going anywhere anytime soon,” he added.

“I’m looking forward to what’s coming down the pike.”