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The Associated Press article By BILL COULTONThe Associated Press – MURFREESBORO, Tenn.

(AP) The owner of a Nashville-area condominium complex has a new plan: He’s going to make the wall behind his condo a permanent part of his property, which includes an art museum and a church.

Robert M. Jones owns the historic Condo City Apartments on Old Country Road.

He plans to build a wall on the side of the building.

He says he hopes the new design will make the neighborhood safer for people walking and biking.

The condo complex was built in 1900.

It has been vacant since 1996.

Jones says he plans to put up a “recycled” concrete wall on one side of his building that would be made of reinforced concrete and installed in 2019.

The new wall would be taller than the old wall and would not obstruct the view of the art museum, which is part of the historic building.

Jones said he expects people who walk and bike in the neighborhood will notice the new wall.

He said he doesn’t want the old condo complex to become a tourist attraction.