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The search giant is set to release an Android app called Material Design for sex toys, an app that can be used for both toys and sex toys.

Google’s Material design is the company’s attempt to create a new, more cohesive interface for sex and relationships that combines elements of the Web, Android and iOS.

It is based on HTML5, which is a specification for the HTML5 web platform.

“Material design makes it easy to use a product as an extension of your desktop,” said Brian McNeal, a product designer at Google, in a statement.

“We’ve built Material Design to help you build apps that make you feel more confident about building your apps, while also being a better companion to the web.”

The Material design app, which has been downloaded more than 3.5 million times in the first month, will allow users to customize and modify the design of their sex toys to their liking.

It’s a new design style that is different from what you find on Android, and it’s designed to be as compatible as possible with the web and iOS, said McNeal.

Material design also uses a grid system that is easier to read and understand for developers.

Material Design is not the first app to bring sex toys into the Material design fold.

Google also created an Android and an iOS app called Pleasure.

The Pleasure app lets you create a custom-made sex toy using the Material Design app, and users can customize it by choosing from the options offered in the app.

“It’s about giving people the tools they need to make their sex lives a little bit more exciting and sexy,” said McNale.

“Pleasure has been very popular on Google Play, and we hope to bring Pleasure to more people soon.”

McNeal said that Pleasure was a bit of a departure from other sex toy developers.

Pleasure is built on Material Design, and the app offers more options than other sex toys out there.

“We’ve had a lot of people asking about Pleasure on Google+, so we’re excited to be able to get Pleasure into people’s lives,” he said.

McNeal also said that Google will be working with sex toy manufacturers to bring a new version of Pleasure in the future.

He also said there are other new features to Pleasure including a better interface for how you can customize your sex toys and how much money you can make.

“With Pleasure, you can buy a custom design and then choose to make the product your own, and also customize how it looks and feel and looks good,” McNeal said.

Material design is not new to Google.

Google has also created the Material app for phones and tablets.

The Material app was available in the Google Play Store before Google shut down the app, but it has since been removed.

“If you’ve ever looked at the Google app, you know that it’s all about apps,” McNale said.

“But Google really wants to create an app for people to use for all kinds of things.”

McNeal said that he and the Pleasure team have already been working with Google on a new app called Sex Toys.

“I know we’re working with them, so we’ll have a little preview of what we can bring to Pleasures app in the next few weeks,” he added.