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A Trump family member, a childhood friend and his daughter claim they were molested by Hollywood movie mogul Harvey Weinstein during a decades-long relationship.

In an exclusive interview with Politico, Kristin Weinstein said she was assaulted by Weinstein during his youth.

She alleged that Weinstein raped her in his home in Hollywood, California, in the early 1990s and later at his home on a Los Angeles beach.

She claimed he forced himself on her and that she resisted.

She told Politico that Weinstein would sometimes “play with me like a toy” and told her that he wanted to be with her.

She said she feared for her safety after being abused by Weinstein, who was fired from his position as a producer and head of Miramax in 1992.

Trump, a frequent target of criticism from the women accusing him of sexual harassment, denies any wrongdoing.

In the interview, Kristina said she wanted to share her story with the world after being ignored by the mainstream media and politicians.

She spoke about how Weinstein would often play with her and tell her that it was her turn to play with him.

He would even “play” with her when she was a child and that he “would play with me,” Kristina told Politico.

“He would tell me he wanted me to be his girlfriend and he wanted the whole world to see that he had a young woman who could be his wife,” she said.

“I wanted to make sure everyone knew I was telling the truth and that I was really afraid.”

The two women were not alone in their story.

Kristin’s attorney said the allegations are “the most serious” they have heard and the lawsuit is the most serious she has ever filed.

She also accused the New York Times of trying to silence her because she has become an outspoken critic of Weinstein.

The Times did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Kristina’s attorney, Lisa Bloom, said Kristin was being attacked by the media for daring to speak out about the sexual abuse she experienced.

“It’s like she has to do everything she can to hide what she went through and to protect herself from any future exposure, because she’s a very public person,” Bloom told Politico in an interview.

“That’s why I was so angry.”

Kristin has spoken publicly about her experience of sexual abuse by the movie mogul and other Hollywood figures in the past.

In October, she told The Hollywood Reporter that Weinstein had groped her when they were 16.

Kristyn also told Politico she was once asked to perform oral sex on him, though she said she didn’t recall the exact details of the encounter.

“I didn’t know it was a dirty secret, but I didn’t have any hesitation at all,” she told Politico, adding that she had “never been raped before.”

Kristina said Weinstein invited her to his home when she attended a party in his Los Angeles home in the 1990s.

She said she had to stay at his house for several weeks after the party, where she said he took her to the bedroom.

Kristy said that Weinstein gave her a Rolex watch and offered to buy her a dress that night, though Kristyn denied he had given her a drink.

Kristen said that she later saw Weinstein wearing her wedding ring at a party and that Weinstein kissed her, and that when she went to her hotel room, she said Weinstein told her to strip and put his hands down her pants.

She claimed that she woke up in his bed, which was decorated with a black-and-white picture of a naked woman on top of him.

She alleges that he started to fondle her breasts and began touching her vagina.

She recounted the encounter to a friend, saying that she could hear a voice whispering, “Please stop.”

Kristyn said she went into shock and that after that, she could no longer move and was unable to speak.

“My mind was just blank,” she recalled telling a friend.

“The next thing I remember is the black and white picture on top was still on my wrist, which is where the ring is on my finger.”

Kristy claimed that the incident left her with PTSD and flashbacks for a year.

“You just have to look at it, and it makes you realize how much more you’ve been abused and how much harder it is to fight,” she added.

Kristi was reportedly the youngest person to accuse Weinstein of sexual misconduct.

Kristine was a graduate student in film production at the University of Southern California and had just graduated from UCLA in 1997 when she said that her career was in serious jeopardy.

In her lawsuit, Kristi alleges that her college advisor was forced to fire her because of her work with Weinstein, whom she described as a “powerful predator.”

Kristi told Politico during her interview that her father was supportive of her and she did not want her