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By the end of March, Samsung was selling a billion Galaxy S4s.

As a result, Samsung had to rethink how its devices looked.

In March, a new wallpaper was added to the Android operating system, which meant that users could choose from dozens of different themes.

The change was meant to make the interface look more modern, but users were still complaining about the look of the wallpaper.

Samsung later said it would make the wallpaper “less distracting” by making it more black.

Samsung did this by adding a black line between the top and bottom of the screen.

The result was that when the user swiped down from the top, the wallpaper changed.

As for the look and feel of the phone, it had changed.

Instead of using black backgrounds and black borders, the Samsung Galaxy S5 has a black top, bottom, and left corner.

It also has a small white border in the middle of the top left corner of the device.

The phone also has three different wallpaper options, each of which can be switched between black, white, or grey.

The wallpaper options are customizable, but the Samsung is trying to make it simple.

The first option is called ‘Samsung Style’.

This looks like a normal wallpaper on a normal Galaxy S. The Samsung style comes in three different sizes: the smaller sizes are 1.8MB, 2.3MB, and 3.4MB, while the larger sizes are 4MB, 8MB, 16MB, 32MB, or 64MB.

The larger sizes also have a smaller background.

The Samsung style wallpaper uses black borders in the top right corner and a white border on the bottom.

This is to create a more modern look.

The second option is ‘Samsung Theme’.

This uses a black border in both the top-left corner and the bottom of each of the Galaxy S6’s sides.

The top and the right corners of the Samsung theme are black, but you can adjust the width of the borders by using the slider on the top of the app drawer.

This allows you to change the wallpaper size, but there is no way to adjust the background colour.

Samsung Style and Samsung Theme are available for both black and white Samsung devices, and you can choose from either theme for the Galaxy Tab S6.

The third option is a ‘Customised Theme’.

Samsung says this will come in two sizes: 1.7MB and 2.2MB, with the bigger size being 4MB.

Samsung says that this is to give users the option to choose their own wallpaper style.

Customised themes are a bit more complicated, and Samsung is also working on making the theme even more powerful by giving users more control over how the wallpaper looks.

In addition to making the Samsung Style and Theme theme options more powerful, Samsung is adding an extra ‘Saving’ button in the Samsung home screen.

You can set this to ‘On’ to save your changes and ‘Off’ to restore your settings.

Samsung has also said that it will “offer additional settings on this screen to enhance the experience”.

For the most part, Samsung has not changed its user interface for the Samsung S5, and its design remains the same.

The new Samsung Style wallpaper has a few changes, including the black border, but most of the changes are cosmetic.

It looks like the Samsung wallpaper is the same as the Galaxy Note 5 wallpaper, but Samsung has changed the colours, too.

Samsung has also changed the look for the Home screen in the S5 and the Samsung Home app.

The icons are smaller and more rectangular, and the navigation bar is a bit wider.

The bottom of this app is now called ‘Settings’, and it has a different background colour from the previous one.

The Galaxy S 5 looks and feels like the Galaxy Nexus from the inside.

This wallpaper was also made by Samsung and was available on both Samsung and Google Android devices.