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New advanced materials from Reynolds Advanced materials are expected to become key components of medical implants.

The company said the materials could help implant surgeons remove a tumor and make surgery safer, and that it is collaborating with a number of hospitals to commercialize the materials.

The new materials, which were named REYNOLDS Advanced Materials for Medical Implants, are the result of research conducted by the company in collaboration with the University of Rochester Medical Center.

REYNOLD’S Advanced Materials is the parent company of the highly-successful medical device company, Neoscientific.

The company said that it had developed and manufactured these materials with support from the Rochester Institute of Technology.REYNOLTS Advanced Materials are expected in clinical trials in the next three to five years, the company said in a statement.

They will be commercially available for medical implant use in the United States in 2018.

Reynolds Advanced Materials and its partners are working with the Rochester Center for Health Research to create a prototype of the material that would be used in the medical implants, which will be used for implantation of a “soft tissue” that mimics the soft tissue of a human hand.

Reinhardt said that Reynolds Advanced was collaborating with hospitals in New York City and Los Angeles to commercialise these materials, and he also said that the company is working with various manufacturers to make the materials available to the medical market.

“We have a lot of medical-industry partners and we have a number in the research space,” Reinhardt said.

“And we are very excited about the fact that we are able to work with the medical community to make it available.”

Reynold’s Advanced Materials has developed a number other medical implants as well.

In 2016, it developed a “reusable, highly durable, and versatile implant platform” that uses a flexible, soft-like material.

It is now working with a group of healthcare providers to commercialised this new material.

“Reynos Advanced Materials works with a large number of healthcare systems around the world to bring new medical products to market,” the company’s statement said.