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The word “environmental” has never been more apt in describing buildings.

In 2016, the Guardian reported on a new UK government policy aimed at tackling greenhouse gas emissions.

The policy aims to use the phrase “green building materials” in buildings to mean a building’s carbon footprint.

The word “carbon” has become so synonymous with the building industry that the word has become synonymous with building materials.

Green Building Materials (GBCM), a company which specializes in building materials and sustainability, has taken the new policy to a whole new level.

It says its products are “carbon neutral”, meaning they are not made from fossil fuels.GBCMs’ carbon-neutral properties make it an ideal material for the building of buildings.GBS, the UK-based company, uses carbon-capture technology to capture carbon dioxide from building materials, reducing their use of fossil fuels and putting them in the ground.

It also provides carbon-based building materials for industrial, agricultural and residential uses.

Gibson Building Materials is a leading building materials supplier, with a range of products, including high-quality structural steel, glass, concrete and concrete products.

Its carbon-free materials are used in building systems including roofing, building foundations, roof tiles and roofing insulation.GCC is a UK-listed company which sells and supplies carbon-absorbing materials and building materials to a range from building designers to builders and contractors.

Its website says it “makes it easy for customers to find products that meet their needs for carbon-recovery and energy efficiency, from building material suppliers and suppliers of roofing products to building and building products”.

Its Carbon-Free and Green Building Materials website also states:GBC Materials has more than a 100 years of experience in building and design, with more than 150 years of knowledge and experience.

It has extensive knowledge of the carbon-carbon cycle, with over 10 years of research on carbon-fossil-fuel burning.

Its staff have been involved in the construction of the world’s first high-rise building, the Shard, which has been recognised for its sustainability and the impact it has had on the environment.GCS, the company’s wholly owned subsidiary, is a building materials provider with a portfolio of products and services including building insulation, concrete, glass and other building materials including roof tiles, roofing and construction materials.GMS is a US-based business that produces building materials using carbon-negative, carbon-containing materials, including building materials made from steel, steel reinforcing and other carbon-bearing materials.

The company says it is “the leading provider of carbon-absorbent building products for both interior and exterior applications”.

Its website states:The carbon-positive properties of carbon dioxide are often referred to as “green”, but GBS says it has used carbon-sulfur in its products for more than 100 years.GBL, the brand name of GBS, has been a leader in the building materials industry for more of than 60 years.

It is one of the biggest building materials suppliers in the world, with products for all types of buildings, from large commercial buildings to industrial, residential and institutional buildings.

It sells its products through a network of dealers across the world and is recognised for the sustainability of its materials and products.GBA, the British building materials company, has a range with products including steel, carbon and aluminium building materials as well as construction products, and the GBCM name.

Its Carbon Free Building Materials site states:In 2016 the company launched the UK Green Building Index, an initiative that aims to measure building carbon, using a range for assessing the effectiveness of its carbon-reducing policies.GBI has a number of UK-specific building products in a range including building panels and wall panels.

Its materials range includes the “green house”, a type of steel that is made from low carbon steel that can be used in homes, commercial buildings, office buildings and other types of high-density buildings.

The “green steel” is sourced from the UK and has been certified for use in building projects and as a structural part.GBR has products for building foundations and roofs, and also for the installation of the roof.GCL is the UK building materials distributor for the construction industry.

Its products include carbon-tolerant concrete, construction adhesive, and steel construction adhesive.GLC is the largest supplier of building materials worldwide.

Its products include cement, brick, concrete wall, and insulation.

Its building materials include steel framing and building boards, concrete slab and concrete panels.GME is the brand of GBC Materials.GMP is a London-based, independent building materials specialist.

It specializes in the installation, maintenance and recycling of building material.

Its site states that its “all-natural, carbon neutral, green building materials”, which have been used in the past to construct buildings, are “designed to last for centuries and will last for generations”.

The company’s website states that