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My sewing machines are mostly made of wool, so I was a little confused by how I would be able to choose the best wool to use.

So I went out and bought some.

And I was shocked to find that I could use the same fabrics and techniques that I use to make garments.

So, I decided to make a pattern for a wool sweater I was going to wear for a sewing class.

It’s called The Pattern of the Year: Wool Sweater.

The fabric of the sweater is 100% wool, which means it will be soft, durable, and washable.

It will be perfect for everyday use.

The pattern is a little longer than the instructions, but I hope you can figure out the details.

So here’s how to make your own: Wool Sweater Pattern 1.

Determine your weight.

A gauge needle will work fine, but the yarn should be the same weight.

For example, the yarn in this sweater is about 16 ounces, which is about 3/8-inch.


Thread a hook into a stitch on the needle.

The thread should be long enough to reach the center of the stitch.

For a long stitch, thread it to the outside of the fabric, not the middle.

For the short stitch, use the hook to reach at the bottom of the needle (a couple of inches) 3.

With the needle, twist the needle so the hook is slightly bent toward the front and the tip of the thread is slightly straight.

Pull the thread tight to get the yarn to hang in place.


Now pull the needle through the center to make it longer.

You will see where you will want to cut off the thread.

The stitch will then be shorter than the one you just pulled through, but it will still have enough yarn left to keep the stitches in place, and you can still sew them.


Thread the hook through the other side of the yarn.

Make sure that the end of the hook goes inside the stitches.


Using a long, straight yarn, twist it so the needle is slightly angled toward the back.

Pull that yarn through the stitches and back out.


Pull out the yarn and turn it inside out.

You should see the thread that you pulled through.

You can now cut off that thread.


Using the yarn, sew a hole through the stitch to the back of the wool sweater.


Using your scissors, cut a line through the middle of the back, about one inch wide.

Pull it through the hole, and sew the seam back into the front of the knit sweater.


Now you have a beautiful knit sweater with a long front.


I love the way it looks, especially with the long, wide front.

I hope this pattern is helpful!

Thanks to Janna Forster for the pattern!