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Google has decided to remove a controversial Google+ photo feature that had been present since at least 2011.

A new policy announcement today allows Google+ users to upload a photo that is either an image of a person, a place, or something else, instead of a single image of their spouse.

This was a feature that was used on Google+ as early as 2011, but it was removed when Google+ was redesigned in the spring of 2013.

“When we redesigned Google+ in May 2013, we removed the use of a husband/wife photo feature,” the company said in its post announcing the change.

“As a result, our new policy allows for the use and sharing of a couple’s photos, along with other content from their Google+ profile.”

The new policy also allows the use for “a single photo of your spouse that does not include their entire face.”

The new policy doesn’t specifically address the wife-like material, but does say that “any photos that feature a person’s face may be shared to promote their own content, to connect with other people and to be shared for marketing purposes.”

As Google’s new policy outlines, photos from a person can be shared with other Google+ members in their own profiles.

Google+ allows the sharing of photos with other users.

Users who upload photos to Google+ are able to see other people’s photos in the same way as they would on their own account, but they’re still required to give their permission.

This permission can be requested from the account holder by sending a link to the account to request permission.