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A pair of disposable goggles that can be worn by the wearer as a means of protection from the elements are about to be released by the UK’s Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra).

The goggles, called Eagle, are being sold at the start of the month and are aimed at those who do not want to risk wearing protective equipment for fear of the elements.

“Eagle goggles are a first step in the right direction for protecting ourselves from the effects of extreme weather,” said a spokesperson for Defra.

“The goggles can be used in extreme weather events, and as a last resort, they can be put on the wearer’s face for emergency purposes.”

Eagle, which has a waterproof and weatherproof coating, costs £20 for a lifetime supply.

The goggles are available in two colours: white and grey.

A separate product, Eagle Pro, costs the same as the goggles, but comes with a special weatherproof case that will protect the goggles from the cold.

A range of other products are available from Eagle, including the waterproof and rainproof Puma and the anti-tear-fever Peltier, which comes in a white, grey or red.

It is unclear how many pairs of Eagle goggles will be available in the UK at launch, but Defra has indicated that it hopes to sell up to 200,000 pairs by the end of this year.

The new product is due to be launched in November and is expected to be available to buy in the US by the start, though it is unclear if the goggles will also be available there.

Defra also announced the launch of an “emergency weatherproof” brand called Eagle Pro.

“We have recently launched a new product line for the emergency weatherproof industry,” the spokesperson said.

“This is a weatherproof, anti-fog and fogproof version of Eagle that has been designed to protect against the elements and the effects that extreme weather may have on people’s health and wellbeing.”

A range Of companies are selling products that are designed to be used for this purpose, including Air-Force and a range of US sporting goods companies.

“These products will not only protect people from the hazards of the weather, but will also provide people with the opportunity to wear goggles and other protection items while exercising outdoors,” the Defra spokesperson added.