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A number of products made from rubber are to be withdrawn from sale in the US and Europe as part of a recall for possible asbestos contamination.

The products were developed by a firm called Ubi Grid and are manufactured by a company called Rubber Roofing Systems.

Ubi said on Monday it had recalled 3,200 of the products because of possible asbestos-related contamination.

Ubi has also issued a recall notice for all of the material used in rubber roofs, which could be used in construction.

A Ubi spokesman said the company had been working with the Environmental Protection Agency and the Environmental Health Agency to identify the material in question.

Uribal said it would be recalling the product in Europe, where the products are manufactured.

In its recall notice, Ubi says it will take actions to limit the exposure to the materials in question and will notify affected consumers of the possible risks of exposure.