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Sacramento, Calif.

— A California Supreme court ruled Thursday that the state’s capitol can be renovated by a contractor to include “new flooring materials that do not pose a risk to health, safety or welfare.”

The ruling from the California Supreme Judicial Court comes on the heels of the state legislature’s approval of a $1.8 billion renovation package.

The legislature is expected to take up the bill next week.

The legislature voted last month to approve a $2 billion renovation of the capitol in an attempt to make it safer for employees, public officials and visitors.

The capitol building in Sacramento, California, on July 2, 2021.

California Supreme Supreme Court rulingThe court ruled that the cap was designed to withstand major hurricanes and fires and that the new flooring material is “designed to be durable and safe.”

It also ruled that it was a “reasonable modification” of the old flooring.

“It is a good idea to be able to renovate capitol buildings in California,” said John J. Cappelli, the state attorney general who argued the case.

California Supreme Court rulings in other cases in recent years have overturned lower court rulings that have determined capitol renovations are required.

In a decision released earlier this year, the court ruled against the state of Texas over its capitol’s roofing renovation in 2020, which was criticized for creating a “slippery slope” to the design of state buildings.

In a separate ruling last year, a California court ruled the state capitol could be renovated to include the replacement of a “scaffold wall” with a floor-to-ceiling glass roof.