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By Laura E. Schlessinger / September 11, 2018 06:33:00The art world has changed in recent years.

Artists have begun to pursue online platforms that provide tools for sharing their work, and in the process, have started to use digital media to promote their work.

We recently asked 10 artists for their picks for the best online books for artists to read and enjoy.

Here’s what they had to say.1.

David Pasternak’s The Book of Things: An Illustrated Guide to Everything by David P. Schwartz and David Schwartz 2.

David Chavarria’s The Art of Writing: The Art and Science of Writing by David C. Miller and James B. Oates 3.

Laura E Schlessingers’ 10 Best Books for Writers and Artists by Laura E.* and Michael J. Miller, Jr.* and James M. Oakes* and Mark B. Shulman* and Michael A. Levine* and Brian M. Johnson* and Stephen W. Besser* and Steven J. Tisch and David E. Pasterna* and Robert A. Pesca*Andrea S. M. Smith’s 10 Best Novels by Andrea M. S. Smith and Stephen M. B. D’Agostino*And Andrea S. McDaniel’s 10 Most Innovative Novels and Nonfiction by Andrea S.* and Mark R. Houghton*André Segura’s The New York Times Bestsellers List by Andre Segura and Eric J. Kohn*Anders Blume’s 10 Books for Children and Young Adults by Anders Blume and Susan L. Dusenbery*Andres Duarte’s The Artist’s Book of Poetry: A Graphic Novel by Andrea C. Sargent*Andrew J. Goggin’s 10 Essential Books for the Creative Mind by Andrew J.

Goggin and Jonathan A. Sacks*Andrew K. Jones’ 10 Most Influential Artists by Andrew K.

Jones*Andretta Stokoe’s 10 Great Books for Young Women by Andrea Stokoes*Andrey Zaloga’s 10 Must Read Books for Women and Girls by Andrey Z.A.Z.*Anthony Giddens’ The Art, Science, and Science Fiction of Painting by Anthony Giddes*Anthony J. Zorn’s The Creative Genius of the American Dream: A Biography of William Jennings Bryan*Artistic Director at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Jeffrey M. Lohr, who has written for Esquire and Esquire Online.*Alex Kuznets’ The 10 Most Powerful People in the World by Alex Kuznetz*Armando de Sábado’s The 10 Books to Kill Hitler: The True Story of the First World War by Arthur M. Schlesinger and Walter Lippmann*Alfonso Cuarón’s The World’s Greatest Film Director by Alfonso Cuars Cortes, Luis Buñuel, Sergio Leone, and Roger Deakins*Andrés Gonzalez’s The Color and the Sound of Things by Andrés González-Soto*Archie Goodwin’s The Five Greatest Film Directors of All Time by Archie Goodwin*Arielle K. Miller’s 10 Amazing Novels, 10 Essential Reads, and 10 Great Stories by Arielle Miller*Avi Mechem’s The Secret World of Harry Potter by Avi M. Merkley*Becky S. Dolan’s The Power of Language by Becky S.

Dolan*Bradley Cooper’s The Man Who Would Be King: An Intimate History of the Beatles by Bradley Cooper*Brian Knapp’s The Great Wall of China by Brian Knapp*Brian K. Vaughan’s A Wrinkle in Time by Brian K.

Vaughan*Brent Weeks’s The Complete Guide to Being the Man of Tomorrow by Brent Weeks*Brian P. Oleson’s The Invisible Man by Brian P.

Oleson*Bruce Allen’s The Little Prince by Bruce Allen*Carlton M. Young’s The First Fourteen Letters of Ezra Pound by Carlton Young*Carrie R. Smiths Book of the Year 2018: The Book I Have: The Story of a Boy’s First Life by Carrie R.

Smith*Cassandra Day-Lewis’ Five Books for Girls by Cassandra Day-Lorre*Catherine E. Johnson’s The Life and Letters of Mary Ann Geer*Claire McNaughton’s The Best Books of 2017 by Claire McNaughts*Cynthia Cisneros’s The Women of My Father by Cynthia Cisnerros*Dana H. Miller & Son’s The Science of Love by Dana H.

Miller & Son*Drew Struzan’s The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Drew Struzan*Doug Benson’s The Ten Most Influencing Books of 2018 by Doug Benson*Dr. Elizabeth M. Hwang’s The Storytellers by Elizabeth M.* and