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Google has announced the release of its new Material icon in April, marking the second time the icon has been released in the past four years.

The Material icon is a set of three icons, one of which can be used to set up a new Google Material app.

Google’s Material icon will be available for purchase in the Google Play Store and the Google Store.

Google has also released an Android app called Material Icon, which shows you a small selection of Material icon sets and provides a visual comparison between the Material icons currently available on the Google store and the Material icon from the App Store.

The Material icon was released to mark the first time that a Material app had been released.

It can be downloaded here: The Material Icon is a Google-owned app that shows you the various Material icon packs available on Google Play and the App Stores.

Material Icon can be found in the Android Market and the app’s Google icon store.

The Google Material Icon was designed to be an intuitive way to discover and discover new Material apps that are relevant to your business.

It shows the top 20 best Material icons in terms of functionality and ease of use.

You can also browse the top 10 best Material app apps available in the App store.

Material Icon is one of the most widely used icons for apps in Google Play, with over 15 million downloads across the Android market.

In April 2016, Google released Material Icon as an app icon for the Material app, as well as for the Google App Store, the Google Developer Program, and the Android Open Source Project.

The icon is available for download in the app store.

Google Material Icon will be coming to the Google play store on April 16, 2016, and it will be a part of the Material Icon for Android app.