Maprini Enterprise

The $7.5 million purchase is the largest commercial cargo shipment of its kind ever made in Australia.

The shipment will be delivered to a facility in New York on Tuesday morning and will be loaded onto a Boeing 767-200 jet at Sydney’s Sydney Airport.

It is expected to take about three months to be delivered.

The cargo, made up of about 5,000 bricks, will be sent to the United States for the construction of a $8 billion super-high-rise apartment building, known as The Flatiron.

There are a number of challenges ahead, including how to deliver it all at once.

In November, the Australian government announced that the first batch of 300 blocks would be delivered in September.

Australia’s Minister for Economic Development Steven Ciobo said on Tuesday that the country is confident that the new project can be completed in time for the 2020 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

But the construction could take up to 10 years.

Ciobo said the government would also be making further efforts to deliver to New York as soon as possible, and would be working with other jurisdictions to ensure that the project meets international standards.

Last month, the US Supreme Court struck down a ban on the construction and sale of condos in New Jersey, after a group of investors sued to stop the development.